India calls! 

Packing for India…
Since my sister Hilary and I are complete spice fiends, what better place to go than India!

The trip was a bit last minute, we only booked it a few weeks ago so thinking about appropriate packing essentials has come a bit late in the day! 

First thing was to buy a pair of comfy shoes to help with the long days of walk, these lovely Converse Chuck Taylor Mouse Grey Ox Trainers from Asos did the trick. 


Next up is a t-shirt from River Island that has a bit if a trendy tribal feel, you can buy it here

What I have been coveting for a while is a shore projects, I bought one last year and lost it so I bit the bullet and bought another one called the Abersoch. It is a bit extra to get the extra straps but I would recommend buying an extra two as a package because it makes your watch so versatile. These are the ones I bought, a tan suede one and a black leather one. My favourite strap is the grey one, I know it clashes with the gold but it does in a nice way!

I have my trusty ray ban aviators which will travel but wanted to get a pair of club master style glasses and found this great pair on my shining armour called Swole Panda Clubmasters Brown Bamboo , I love this store and have bought lots of bits and pieces from them over the past few months. While I was about to check out, I thought I would add a few more items, so I got this Kate Spade notebook which I will use for jotting my thoughts and this Ronan necklace which will be lovely with a plain top in the evenings. 

 If you haven’t bought anything from it’s time to make a visit! I bought this great quality tan brown leather bag and because it was such great value, I ordered the grey one too 🙂 

Last stop was a visit to Mango for a few more bits of jewellery. Their sale is amazing value and I picked up two lovely gold chains, a waterfall bead necklace and this double chain one. I also popped a pair of gold earrings and nice boho bangle into the basket because they were such great value. 


More updates to follow once we touch down in India…

Jill x


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