eat. sleep. JUICE. repeat! 

So 2 weeks to go to hols and not feeling as good as I’d like, I decided to try a juice cleanse! There is definitely a rising trend in cold – pressed juicing, moving things on from the  nutribullet frenzy last year. 

Few of the girls in work were addicted so I said I’d give it a go.  


image Sprout & Co  Juices
Sprout & Co Juices
I went to avoca rathcoole and got a 3 day juice cleanse from Sprout & Co. 

It helps if you cut down on refined foods before you do it – I didn’t! And the recommend you bring yourself down of caffeine slowly a month before hand – I didn’t do that either! 

So Monday Am, wake up, go spinning, head to work and crack open Juice One – An almond milk juice. Mmm not bad! Juice 2 was a Supergreen juice – I loved it! Super refreshing. For Lunch I moved onto a Beetroot juice, then another green bad boy and dinner time was a carrot juice (not amazing!). 

Then it was basically Eat. Sleep. Juice. Repeat Tuesday and Wednesday. And I was done! 

Tue morning I felt good, Wednesday morning I felt great, I even went and got more juices and kept it going Thur and Friday juicing for breakfast and lunch then eating healthy protein for dinner. By the weekend when it was time to return to solids I felt SO full! Sunday I drove back to Avoca for another 3 day supply!


It is honestly addictive – I feel super! It has even made me quiet conscious of not over consuming caffeine as you cut it out completely whilst juicing. You also become more aware of how little food you need to fill you and the amount of mindless snacking we do! 

The 3 day cleanse costs €75 but I think it’s so worth it. 

On the plane about to take off for India, down 8lbs and feeling schkinny!!! 

Highly recommend juicing! ☺️👍

More soon, Hils x 




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